1967 What a Year It Was

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The 1967 What A Year It Was gift book is an entertaining 50th birthday gift or 50th anniversary gift. It contains 170 pages of the important 1967 events and items of interest that happened in 1967 - history, trivia, facts, advertisements, movie posters, etc., covering world events, people, new inventions, sports, and more - focused on American culture.
This entertaining 50th birthday or 50th wedding anniversary and birthday gift is a hard cover book with pages laid out similar to an American high school year book from the same time period.
Whether you are having a 50th birthday party party or celebrating a golden anniversary quietly at home, the commemorative gift book is a fun way to reminisce about all the things that happened during 1967.
You can write your own greeting on the first page. You can even ask family members or party guests to sign a page just like a high school yearbook. Use the facts in the 1967 What a Year It Was book to play a trivia game at your loved ones' party.
Product Info
Size: 8.75" x 11.5"; 170 pages
Other: Hardback
Color cover, black and white inside pages

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